11. But what if I'm not chosen?

You might believe that the Lord Jesus wants to be our Savior, but you still think, “But what if I'm not chosen? Then what?”


What does election not mean?
Take a look at this picture. It is a depiction of a conveyor belt, which ultimately leads people into the fire. Only one person is plucked from the belt, just in time, by a hand from above. It is sad that some people look at the doctrine of election this way. They think that almost all people will perish, except for a select few, who (sometimes in the nick of time) are saved by God. What a horrible picture of God this is! It suggests that God allows most people to go to hell and wants to save only some. But nowhere in the Bible can such a picture of God be found. On the contrary. It is God's desire that all people will be saved.He has done everything necessary to save us. He even gave us His own Son because He doesn't want anyone of us to perish.


Then what does election mean?
When the Bible speaks of election, what does it mean?

1. Election means that God chooses us, not that we choose Him.
2. Election means that eternal salvation is 100 percent secure.

If there were no election, no one would be saved. No one chooses for God on their own. But because God has chosen to save people, people are being saved and their salvation is one hundred percent certain.That is the comfort of election. It also means that all the glory belongs to God and not to us.

Election is not meant to be a roadblock preventing you from coming to God, but is instead a gateway to salvation. As if you are standing before a gate which reads, “Come unto Me, all ye...”. Once you have entered through this gate, the other side reads, “I have chosen you”.
We should not make election our starting point but hindsight it is possible to see that you have been chosen (bij God).


A thought to ponder on your own
Read Romans 5:8 and 1 John 4:9. Do you believe that the Lord God has done everything necessary to save us?



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