1. What if I'm not chosen?

What if I'm not chosen? The Bible never asks this question, so there's no real need to consider it. Still, it is very possible you yourself are struggling with this question, as well as other related issues like, “Does God even want me to be saved?” Perhaps you fear eternal damnation because you haven't been elected by God, or perhaps you think, “I am so scared that I am deceiving myself for eternity!” Or you have come to believe that you have to wait for God to convert your heart, or, “I want to come to repentance, but is this really what the Lord God wants for me?”

You know, there are thousands of young people your age asking these same questions. This booklet has been written especially for you. It examines the Bible with regards to the question: what if I'm not chosen?

You can choose to read this book in one setting, or you can read it as a daily devotional. Every chapter contains one or more Bible texts, an explanation, and a concluding thought or question to ponder on your own. Read this booklet prayerfully.

We hope and pray this booklet will be a blessing to you!

If you're not struggling with this issue personally, would you please consider giving this booklet to someone who might truly benefit from it? Thank you so much for your heart!

God bless!


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