18. But I have always been told differently. How do I know what is true?

You might find all of this very confusing, especially if you've always been told some teachings of the Bible are a certain way, but then you hear or read something totally different. Now how do you know what's true? Who's right and how can you know what the truth is?

1.  The things God says are more important than the things people say
People can say all kind of things, but what God says is much more important. The Bible gives us a beautiful example of this in the book of Acts. The Pharisees and the Scribes (the spiritual teachers in those days) wanted to forbid the apostles to preach the Lord Jesus any longer, but Peter and the other apostles knew it was much more important to listen to God than to the Pharisees. They replied:

  • We ought to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29b).

2.  Study the Bible to find out what is the truth
To find out what God says, you do have to read your Bible, because God's Word is truth (John 8:31,32). That's why studying the Bible is so important. When Paul preached in the church of Berea, the people didn't only listen to him, they also searched the Scriptures to see if it was true what Paul was saying (Acts 17:11). But studying the Bible doesn't just happen. You will have to make time for this. The Lord desires you will have daily contact with Him, for instance through prayer (Psalms 105:4). Sometimes people call this “devotional time” (because you devote this time to the Lord) or “quiet time”(because in the quiet you try to discern what God is telling you). Here are some practical ideas for your quiet time:


Practical ideas for your quiet time:
- Pick a fixed time of day (preferably in the morning).
- Turn off your mobile phone and computer.
- Read a number of Bible verses.
- Pray and ask God to clarify what this Bible passage means for you.
- Keep a journal to write down your thoughts and experiences.
- Thank the Lord God and pray e.g. for the things that occupy your mind.  

A thought to ponder on your own
Read John 5:39. Do you have quiet times with the Lord?
Are you willing to start them?



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