19. A short story

The dense fog rolled in quickly. The man hiking in the mountains couldn't see a thing. Groping around he tried to continue on his path, when suddenly he tripped and fell down. Fortunately he was able to grab hold of the edge of the rocky cliff. There he was, dangling over the abyss. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to find a place for his feet to stand. Terror gripped his heart. After a while he was no longer able to hold on. His cramping hands had no choice but to let go. Screaming desperately, he plunged into the deep. Flashing through his brain was the thought, 'It is over. I will be dead'.

But he only fell down two feet. All this time, he had been hanging over a plateau in the cliffs. How relieved and surprised he was! If he had known about this plateau all along, there would never have been any reason for all his fears. Not much later the fog dissipated and the man was saved.

Many people who are seeking, some desperately, feel like this. Maybe you are such a seeker yourself. Maybe you don't know how to be saved for eternity. Maybe you feel like you're in a fog and you're holding on to things for no reason. Do you want to let go and trust your life to God? Are you willing to trust that the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus on the cross is sufficient for you to be saved, without adding anything to this yourself? This is the only solid ground, the only certainty by which you can be saved. Then you'll have to let go of everything you thought you could do or add yourself to be saved. That includes some things people may have taught you that are contrary to the Gospel (such as a wrong explanation of election). This may be an enormous struggle in your thinking, but the veil will be taken away that is blurring the truth of the Gospel (2 Corinthians 3:16). Then you will understand the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). You can let go and 'plunge' into Jesus Christ, the Rock of ages (2 Samuel 22:2,3,47, Psalm 18:2 and Psalm 62:2,7), and you will be saved.There is no need to fall in fear, like the man in the above story, but you can be very sure that the Lord God is trustworthy. He is the best Person to Whom you can surrender and you can be certain and trust in it that He will save you.

When you turn to God and ask Him to forgive your sins, when you believe the Lord Jesus died on the cross for your sins too and when you surrender your life to God, then you can be confident that you are saved for eternity. Then you can be certain: I am chosen!



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