3. If believing is that important, then what exactly is it ?

The Bible speaks about faith and believing many times. For example, the Lord Jesus says:

  • Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on Me hath everlasting life (John 6:47).

It may be clear that believing is very important. Another word for believing is: trusting. The question is: do you put your trust in your own works and accomplishments, or do you trust on the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus on the cross only?



The engine: fact (everything God says and promises in the Bible)

Car 1: faith (our belief and trust in God and His Word)

Car 2: feelings (a result of our faith)

The engine always goes first. God's words and promises in the Bible are unshakable truth. Faith and feelings are the cars that follow the engine. The engine is capable of pulling the cars, but the cars can never pull the engine. The order is: fact – faith – feelings. Believing means: I trust that the facts in God's Word are 100% true and certain, even though I don't feel anything (yet). The Bible never declares that people come to feelings; they come to faith.

Many people wait for many years hoping to receive some kind of feeling. Perhaps a feeling of deep sorrow over their sins, or a feeling that indicates God is working in them. This can be very dangerous, because our feelings can be very deceptive. Nowhere in the Bible does God say that I have to feel He saved me or wants to save me. He asks us to believe. Do I believe the veracity of God's words? Ofcourse feelings can follow. Our salvation leads to a deep sense of peace and joy. But at times these feelings may come and go, but God's word will stand forever.

A thought to ponder on your own
Read Hebrews 11:1. What does this verse say about faith?



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